Beaver Valley Farm House


I was inspired to do this sketch of the farmhouse because the way it was starting to collapse in on itself & have been told by my brother who has property just down the road that indeed it has finally collapsed. Notice the windows are leaning inward as well as the chimneys on the roof. I loved the texturing I did on the roof showing areas of missing shingles & showing the old roof boards exposed. Crisscross line work was used to represent short, tall grasses weeds etc. Also showed tress to add more interest & balance. Note the deeper tones in the trees which adds depth & cast shadows. The suns direction comes into play again by heavier texturing under the eaves of the peak of the roof & the down spout shown in front. Maybe I will go pack to this location in Beaver Valley & do another sketch of the now collapsed farmhouse to complete a series of sketches just for kicks.

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