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Falls Paintbrush


Fall in Muskoka is the best time to experience the changing colours of the foliage on the trees which inspired me to paint this piece. I used a new technique this time which was acrylic ink & pen.
I used three different layers of colour to obtain the effect I wanted in the trees which was lites & darks to create depth. Texturing was done with a custom made stencil brush for the white pine trees & small artist brushes for the maple trees to add some highlights of different colours shimmering in the sun light. The reflections of the trees in the water was also done with similar colours of acrylic pen & ink work was used to show how the wind lightly ripples the water. The background trees at the top of the painting were added to achieve the affect of atmospheric perspective which gives more depth to the piece.
Pen work was used to add small areas of shadows in the trees & very deep shadows (black) for the deep background.
This piece took awhile and just about did me in but the colours and technique I used makes this piece stand out. How many times do you see multiple colours flowing down from top to bottom & across the shoreline in both directions. One more inspiring reason for me to do this piece. I will be doing more of this technique in the future.

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