Hiking Staff

Photo 1
Sample Hiking Staff showing Hand Grip, Lanyard/Wrist Support, and interchangeable protective tip.

Photo 2
Shows the Wrist Support and Lanyard. The Wrist Support can be adjusted by simply untying the knot and raising or lowering the Wrist Support along the lacing then retying the knot to hold the Wrist Support in the position that is most comfortable for you.

Photo 3
Hand Grip – The Hand Grip is a choice of Dark Brown or Black leather lacing which is 12” long. The leather lacings thickness is recessed into the wood to give it a flush to the surface look to the grip.

Photo 4
The Interchangeable Protective Tip is available in Stainless Steel (shown) or Solid Brass which protects the hiking staff from wear. Two tips are supplied (Stainless Tip shown) or Black Rubber tip. The two tips are interchangeable by unscrewing the tip which has an internal thread. The internal threads match the threads on the screw for the black rubber tip. The Stainless tip is best suited for the hiking trail and the black rubber tip for pavement or concrete walkways. The rubber tip helps to absorb some of the impact on these surfaces which gives the hiking staff a softer feel.


Photo 5
The Lanyard and Wrist Support is a choice of Dark Brown or Black leather lacing.

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