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Wood Spirit of the Elm

The decayed Elm tree in Beaver Valley, Ontario with all its great bark texture, hollows & shadows was my inspiration to do this sketch. A good example of the use of contour & wavy line technique. Can you see the Wood Spirit.

The Legend of the Wood Spirit

It goes by several names: Wood Spirit, Wild Man, Savage Man, Woodwose. The Wood Spirit is said to be Lord of the Forest and Natural Things. Seeing one is said to be quite a lucky thing. They are extremely strong. Wood Spirits can tear an opponent limb from limb and can tame any wild animal, including ferocious dragons and skittish unicorns. At the same time they are gentle with the maidens, children, and men of good heart. It is said that the forest will stand for as long as the Wood Spirit remains to keep order. And if your lucky enough to see one, health, happiness, and good fortune will be yours. However, that does not happen often. Wood Spirits would rather see than be seen. Most sightings are by children or by the pure of heart. (I MUST BE LUCKY BECAUSE I SAW HIM).



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